Getting your agency credentials right

Agency credentials and presentations are always a hot topic in the creative industries. Sadly, as in the case of the infamous (and boot-less) cobbler’s son, they can often suffer from a lack of love and tread a very familiar path.
At Future Factory we are exposed to a huge amount of new business collateral. We have put this experience to use and created a simple 4-step guide to ensure that your agency’s credentials are as effective as they can be at attracting and converting new clients.

Time to get the polish out…

Cut the crap

With all the great work you’ve done over the last few years, you’d be forgiven for wanting to squeeze every single campaign and project detail into your agency presentation. 

However, the truth is that brand decision makers are incredibly busy and won’t trawl through paragraph after paragraph searching for the key nuggets of information you’ve hidden within. It’s more than likely that they’re looking at your website or credentials on their phone or tablet on the train home after a long day of back-to-back meetings.

Get to the point and be concise by stripping away anything that isn’t necessary. Highlight key facts and results, display your agency’s personality and show your target what they stand to gain by working with you.

Funk up the format

There’s nothing wrong with tradition, but if we’d never changed things up we would still be stomping around in bear-skin moccasins tied up with tree bark.

The same goes for your credentials. A chunky PowerPoint may contain all the information you want to deliver, but remember that you need to take your audience on a journey in order to maintain their interest. Don’t be afraid to experiment – if your work lends itself better to a more organic layout, such as an online sketchbook or parallax microsite, then feel free to unchain yourself from the more traditional template.

And whilst beautifully printed collateral may seem anachronistic, something tangible alongside the digital adds tactile intrigue, making your presentation that touch more memorable (no pun intended). Alternatively, interactive presentations (where the audience can choose what in particular is interesting to them) allows maximum relevance and engagement.

"Decision makers won't trawl through paragraph after paragraph"

These boots were made for talking

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward: whether this is in a new business meeting or internet dating. But don’t make the mistake of only showing the perfect end-product (read: best selfie) to a potential client, show the process of getting to that result.

Did you effectively use the assigned budget? Did you change direction after a curveball realisation half-way through? Let your potential clients know these things, and they will know you.

Agencies can often be very similar when you look at their outputs – which means that our businesses are made distinct by our stories and our people. Dedicating some of your valued page space to your hard working team gives you an opportunity to tell the stories behind the brand identity.

Ultimately, displaying characteristics such as honesty and a human touch can often speak louder than that picture perfect selfie!

Don’t believe your hype

Your boots may be shiny – but are they a pair of box fresh steel-toecap skull crushers that any self-respecting Hells Angel would be proud to wear? Maybe not…

Two final considerations:

1. Anyone who relentlessly talks about themselves is boring; your creds shouldn’t only be about you. Make them about the sector or the specific business / brand you are talking to, and look outside of your own four walls for sources of content. A view on a sector trend or a business challenge is much more interesting than twelve pages on your company’s ethos.

2. Getting a second opinion on your newly polished creds is the most valuable part of this process – seek opinions from a variety of sources within both your professional and personal networks. Being truly objective is a difficult thing to do, but it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask “is what I’m saying really adding value to my business case?”.

If you think a second opinion on your creds would be valuable, we would be happy to take a look. You can contact us here.

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