3. Flings

Something that seemed meaningless at the time can actually grow into something more serious. This category includes people and brands you’ve met with, at networking events, awards, chemistry meetings or even unsuccessful pitches.

Any stalker worth their salt can find the email address of an old fling. Be sure to make any email more about your prospect than yourself. You wouldn’t entertain a date that talked 90% about themselves, and the same applies in new business. Ask questions, show interest in their current marketing activity or recent interviews, and clarify why any information you share about yourself is specifically relevant to them.

If there were concrete reasons why you didn’t work together before, be sure to address those in your first outreach to dismiss straight off any objections that might be in the back of their mind.

If you’ve been promiscuous in your past and have had too many flings to recall – export your LinkedIn contacts into an excel and give yourself a plan to reach out to 2 contacts per week.

The Dating Game

Building relationships with fresh new contacts are essential for Agency Growth and development, however, this should never be at the expense of pre-existing relationships. By not putting all of your eggs in one basket, you can maximise the chances of success and your happily ever after.