How to keep agency prospects warm

You did everything right.

From the research on the prospect to the personalised pitch, you smashed it out of the park.
Your agency’s offering is a great fit for their business and you’re feeling excited about this one. Fist pumps and fantasies of future projects ensue.

After a week of radio silence, your hopes of landing the client start to fade. So you send a follow-up. Nothing. One week turns to two, then three. By week four, you forget about the prospect and move on to the next one.

Meanwhile, over at Dream Client HQ, your key contact is still facing the same challenges. Something’s missing that your agency is perfectly placed to provide - but hey, if they really want it, they’ll be in touch… right?

Unlikely. But that isn’t your cue to give up. On the contrary, now is the time to show your prospect how passionate you are about their brand and nurture them until they notice you’re the one.

On that note, here are a few tricks to keep that dream client keen:


Reviving an unresponsive prospect doesn’t have to be awkward. You don’t have to slide into their DMs with a “me again!” or “just checking in!” Instead, nurture the prospect with relevant insights, invites to your events or even case studies that might be of interest.

Maybe you’re holding a roundtable discussion that will tackle some of the challenges you know they’re facing; maybe your agency has recently published a guide that focuses on trends in their industry. If you’ve recently finished a project with a client in a similar space, don’t be afraid to drop them a line and show them what your agency is capable of.

Marketing is a much more natural way of getting back in touch; it gives you a reason to reignite a conversation in a way that is considerate and personable. No one wants to be badgered, but people do want to be helped. The more tailored to their needs you are, the more appreciated your prospect will feel.


Ever heard the phrase “win the pitch before the pitch”? That applies here. Don’t expect a one-hour presentation on the day to win the dream client alone. Even the obligatory creds deck email that follows won’t do the trick. It’s the work you put in before and after to make the prospect feel heard that will win out in the end.

In practice, that means going above and beyond to show you care; it means keeping up to date with news from their industry, offering them free training sessions, sending them thought leadership that resonates with their brand’s ambitions.

You could even invite them to speak on a panel discussion or podcast. Not only will this serve as exposure for their brand, it’ll give your agency an opportunity to find out more about their challenges. Later, these insights can be transformed into content that you use as part of your nurturing plan.


It’s always crushing when your dream client chooses a competitor over your agency. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be together forever.  In six months to a year, any issues the company has with the agency will start to surface.

Maybe they aren’t the right fit culturally or their requirements have changed. Or maybe they simply don’t feel loved by the agency. You’d be surprised just how many pitches are called for this reason alone. If things don’t work out, they probably won’t bother with the time and expense of re-pitching: instead, they’ll turn to the people they got to know in the process and those that have stood out ever since.

And that’s why it’s so important to stay relevant through on-target content and personalised communications that show you care.  A little patience and proactivity can make all the difference during this time.

So, before you banish the prospect to the back of your mind and the bottom of your inbox, think about what you can do to build a connection.  After all, they may not be ready to sign today, but that doesn’t mean your agency isn’t of interest.

And if you never nudge, you’ll never know.

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