New Business Training & Coaching

Whether you’d like to empower your team or grow your own confidence and knowledge, we can guide you.

Our core principles
  • Training sessions are best when they flow freely. We like to keep things discursive and encourage everyone to get involved, speak their mind and contribute to a rich discussion.
  • Our trainers are experts at what they do and attendees will learn a lot from them. However, some of the best learning that takes place is peer-to-peer and we aim to create an environment that facilitates this.
  • Far from being merely theoretical, all of the techniques we promote in our training sessions have been tried, tested and honed by The Future Factory team on behalf of our clients for nearly a decade. This is why we can teach them with confidence – we know they get results.
  • For our lead generation courses specifically, our research-based approach goes down well with creatives and just about anyone who hates the idea of hard sales just as much as we do.
Courses to suit your needs

Everything from long term coaching and mentoring, to condensed courses delivered to entire agency teams. Bring us your challenges and we’ll work out a bespoke solution.

Our client list spans global network agencies through to individuals and start ups. We adapt our content to suit the reality of your agency, your capacity, and the nature of the type of work you’re seeking to win.

Our courses have been delivered to agencies from 6 out of the 7 continents, and we’re always happy to jump on a plane and visit new cities! Drop Kimi Gilbert a line to discuss your agency challenges and potential training options.

Group Sessions

This session teaches the basics of lead generation and how to talk compellingly about your agency whilst dealing with common objections. The course is designed to challenge assumptions about what it means to “sell” and boost people’s confidence when picking up the phone.

Trainer: Kimi Gilbert

This session will examine the Dos and Dont’s of new business emails, as well as tips and tricks for increasing cut-through and response rates. In addition to critiquing real-life examples of new business emails, participants will write an email together with a trainer to send on the day.

Trainer: Kimi Gilbert

When it comes to agency marketing, it’s what you do with it that counts.

Many agencies understand the benefits of marketing and make investments in thought leadership, hosting events, newsletters, awards and speaking opportunities. However, beyond waiting for the phone to ring, there is plenty that can be done to maximise the ROI an agency can generate from any marketing activity.

Whether your marketing objectives are to attract and engage with potential new clients, convince your pipeline that you are the agency they should be appointing or to retain and grow your existing clients, using your marketing proactively as a business development tool will fast track your agency towards its goals.

If you already have an active marketing function and would like to reap greater benefits, we’ll share tips and guidance on how each different part of your marketing can, with some pre-planning, become the greatest tools for your new business team.

If you’re at the early stages of considering what marketing would be the smartest investment for your agency, we’ll review all of the options and where you can make some cost-effective and rapid wins.

Throughout we’ll share examples and inspiration from agencies creating best in class marketing, and how they utilised it to generate new business wins.

Trainers: Alex Sibille

This interactive session is a process through which agencies can strip away the fluff, focus on what it is they do best, articulate what they actually deliver for clients, and identify which of their services could be the spearhead of a new business approach. Attendees will come out of the session with a refreshed proposition that is custom-fit for a new business drive.

Trainers: Dan Sudron

In this interactive session, we will explore how you currently prepare for, perform in, and follow up new business meetings. You will uncover the steps you need to take to engage decision makers more effectively in meetings, as well as simple tips for having a seamless follow-up process.

Trainer: Sam Wheatman

Broken up over 5 short sessions, our Business Development Accelerator Programme is designed to get attendees fighting fit as quickly as possible. A crash course in new business best practice, attendees will be given a range of practical techniques, methods, and processes that have been tried and tested on behalf of our many clients.

Trainers: Kimi Gilbert, Harry McCreanor, Sam Wheatman

A workshop to get your entire team thinking about and contributing to new business. We’ll teach you how to make the most of your existing network by taking your current contacts and turning them into leads.

Trainers: Harry McCreanor

Best practice guidance on how to analyse your current new business efforts, set the right goals, build a strong new business team, what sources to use for new business and how to flex your proposition and collateral to generate more opportunities.


“So useful and informative. I could have happily sat for another hour or two.”

(branding agency)

“Really practical and hands on.”

(advertising agency)

“It went beyond expectations. Not only did the training provide the tools we need, it made everyone feel that sales calls/ emails aren’t as scary as some first thought and had the added benefit of inspiring everyone to get stuck in. Really motivating, lots of useful tips, clear and concise notes, great trainer! Also, great resources sent after the training. We couldn’t recommend it enough. 10/10”

(content agency)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training – it met all of my expectations and more. It was really thorough and insightful and the best practice examples provided were really useful.”

(partnerships agency)

“Thanks for a fab training session this morning. There were some great examples in there and I definitely left feeling inspired to amp up our marketing. The session was insightful and intimate with a great mix of relevant examples and experience from the trainers themselves.”

Salad Creative
(design agency)

“10/10. Outstanding.”

Born Social
(social media agency)

“It was brilliant. I’ve put time in my diary to actually make a plan based on everything I’ve learned. I definitely feel very inspired after all the sessions.”

(creative agency)

“Very very glad I signed up to the programme. Loved the fact the sessions were small, the sharing of common frustrations and good advice was great. It was like an AA meeting for new business.”

(creative agency)

“Absolutely excellent, you are all clearly top notch at what you do and passionate about it. I liked the level of theory & real life actionable examples. Even when asked for smaller scale examples for my world, there was always a useful answer. 5 star!”

Cameo PR
(PR agency)

“I have been putting everything I learnt in the session into practice and my response rates on cold emails has improved massively. I can’t deny that the high quality and tailored emails I am now sending are creating much higher value opportunities as a result.”

(digital marketing agency)

“I’ve been to quite a few workshops and training courses over the past year. Yours was the first that I left feeling that new business can be fun instead of daunting and overwhelming. I can’t wait to put it all into practice.”

Sparks Studio
(branding agency)

“The session was great and went beyond many of my expectations. The content was engaging and the variety in examples was useful. The team were knowledgable and have great insight into the subtle techniques required.”

(full service agency)

“10/10. The trainers were both very thoughtful, and it was a pleasure to hear their different experiences. They conducted the sessions very smoothly and always kept it very interesting.”

(digital agency)

“Other new business training I’ve been to has been led by industry ‘old hats’ – Kimi and Emily brought a fresher, more modern, more relatable approach.”

Sparks Studio
(branding agency)

“The Future Factory training exceeded my expectations. I think it was probably the best course I’ve ever been on. Intimate, practical and great value for money.”

(social media agency)

“Nothing but good things to say about the course and The Future Factory.”

(pr agency)

“10/10. Very informative and interactive.”

Touch Design
(design agency)

We can help you to feel more in control of your new business pipeline.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your bespoke needs, or to find out when we’ll next be running one of our group sessions.

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