Email Newsletter Creation Guide

Email Newsletter Creation Guide

Email marketing often gets a bad reputation due to the sheer amount of spam out there, but it’s actually one of the most cost effective channels for keeping front of mind with prospects and sharing thought leadership.

Here is The Future Factory’s email newsletter creation guide. These are some key considerations that should make your agency emails perform better, and generate more engagement between you and your target audience.

Stay Classy

Email marketing is often looked at as a cheap and quick channel but it should be treated like any other. Be sure that the quality of the creative, and the tone of voice are in keeping with your agency’s reputation. Try GIFs or infographics to make your emails memorable and more likely to be shared.

Be Original

Email may be cost effective but that’s no excuse to pump out the same content over and over again. If one week the content for your newsletter isn’t that valuable, have a week off and don’t send it. Equally, if you’ve got a great idea that you think would be lost in your weekly / monthly mailer – save it and send it separately.

Building Your Database

The good news is that when it comes to B2B email marketing you don’t need permission to add a person’s email address to your database. This does however mean that you have even more of a duty to make your content targeted and interesting.

Segment Your Prospects

Segmenting and targeting your email campaigns can significantly increase ROI. This is something better given proper consideration before you even start gathering contacts from within the agency. Do you anticipate having different content which may appeal to different job titles, locations or sectors? If so, tag them or group them into separate lists.

In the age of Amazon and the seamless multi-channel experience, people expect you to show that you know what they want to see and why you are sending them information.

Subject Lines

Subject lines are key to open rates. Your subject line should directly relate to the content of your email, but be clever with your phrasing – you want to leave a certain amount of intrigue to tempt people in! Do also bear in mind that even if an email is deleted the subject line is usually read, so your subject line might be someone’s lasting memory of your agency.

Don’t Leave the Best ‘Til Last

Most people read emails in either preview panes or a small mobile screen, so it’s a good idea to frontload your emails with the most engaging content to be sure they’ll read on to the end.

Call Me Maybe?

Make sure each email has a call to action. If they like what they’re reading, what would you like them to do? Register to attend your next event? Call your Business Development Director to organise a coffee and a chat? Does your agency offer brands workshops or audits?

If your newsletter has click through links, make sure these are mobile friendly and easy to select on a small mobile screen. I hope it goes without saying that all content should be readable on a mobile screen, where over 50% of emails are read. Direct people to your call to action with dominant visual elements (arrows, lines, pictures driving your eyes to the content).

Testing Testing

The beauty of email marketing is the instant data and insights it gives you. If you’re unsure about any of your content, you can trial it on a smaller group before sending out to your full database. Equally, most email newsletter software gives you the option to A/B test your content.

On the flip side, an email marketing campaign can be used to test out a new proposition or to gauge interest in one of the agency’s services.

PMA Always Wins

Test have shown that emails and newsletters that use positive language get a significantly higher response rate than content which focuses on the negative. Positive imagery also contributes to this.


If one of the aims of your email is to drive traffic to your website, make sure there is continuity of style and message between your email and website.

Help Is at Hand

Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp are the go-to online tools for putting together and sending out an email marketing campaign. If you’d like a bespoke newsletter template design, and/or guidance on either one off or regular newsletter content, please get in touch with