Want to mingle with leaders in your field? Understand better what’s trending in your industry? Then this is for you…

2020 was NOT the year to create an events calendar! So we didn’t.

You can access our 2019 events calendar here.

Ignore the dates. What should still be valuable are the event names, topics and sector specialisms.

Yes you’ll have to do a Google to see what is still happening and in what format, but the majority will be easier to access (no train / planes needed) and still have similar opportunities for

  • Growing your understanding of the challenges in a sector (to help boost your pitch success)
  • Opportunities for speaking (to position yourself as a leader)
  • Opportunities for networking (in break out discussion groups)
  • Following up with speakers and other attendees (to take the conversation offline, and make it one-on-one and more specific)

For more specific guidance on how to make the most of events from a new business perspective, take a look at this article.