Tips on Writing a Winning Awards Entry

Tips on Writing a Winning Awards Entry


Award wins and even nominations can be fantastic new business tools. Crafting a winning entry however can sometimes seem as challenging as delivering the client work in the first place.

The Event Awards have kindly put together their top tips for award entry success.

Plan Ahead
Draft an outline of what you want to get across before you start writing. Entry criteria often state a limited word count. This will require you to summarise your key points succinctly! No waffle.

Create a Story
Judges like a clear narrative. Go back to grammar school – give the 5 Ws – Who, what, why, where and When.

Don’t Use Jargon
The judging panel may not necessarily know the ins and outs of your campaign. Skip the big words and make sure you have given background detail where needed.

Don’t Ignore The Fine Print
Check the entry guidelines to ensure you are covering all of the criteria for your category/categories. Upload the required amount of images to the required spec. Use case studies to add the ‘colour’ to your entry.

Choose Support Materials Carefully
There is so much temptation to upload everything. Don’t do it! Choose the best and most evocative stats, videos, images and testimonials to support your case.

Everyone Loves Stats
ROI is great. So are retweets. Infographics are fun. Where possible, put in a few tangible facts and figures to back up your case study.

Submit on Time!
This is just to make the organisers lives easier. But it also means avoiding a late fee!