The Future Factory supports over 100 agencies per year on their growth journey. Whilst every agency is unique, the challenges they face rarely are. We’ve interviewed some of the UK’s most interesting agencies to share how they operate and a few of the secrets to their success.

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Dept are the biggest agency you might not yet have heard of. At just 3 years old they grew from 750 people a year ago, to 1,300 today.

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When it came to outbound lead generation to grow their business, this digital PR and SEO agency made a few mistakes along the way.

The Academy

Starting an agency from scratch again after you’ve built a team of 70, sold and exited, is actually harder than doing it first time around.

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17 years into working together, the founders of this creative agency started working with a growth consultancy, a performance coach and invested in sales training. They recommend the process wholeheartedly.

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Laurence Thomson, Chief Creative Officer at McCann UK and co-president of McCann London, admires anything that challenges convention, especially when a hell of a lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into making it.

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Hermeti Balarin, Partner and Executive Creative Director at Mother London wants to make things that your mum will talk about with her friends and that cab drivers know by heart.

Talker Tailor

The Founders of this independent PR agency have managed to create an agency which is simultaneously the most eccentric and non-conformist we have ever met, whilst also being the most mature and respectful.

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UK CEO Jim Coleman shares the secrets to the agency’s endless new business pipeline, and why regular team holidays are central to the agency’s success.


Techdept Co-Founder & CEO Dan Kirby talks us through the lessons learnt from being totally ‘unprofessional’ and how his sense of humour spread his agency’s name on a global scale.

Nice and Serious

The loveliest agency on the block are bringing increased ethics to the marketing world. Their name says it all.

David shares his learnings of making the transition from graphic designer and agency founder to business leader, and the value of turning to people outside of the business to stimulate and progress his own development.

Culture is key: agency growth stories

In their 4 years of growth, Normally have prioritised their culture which respects the balance between work and personal life, above all else.

Happiness meetings, lunchtime yoga and time out for passion projects, it’s all part of keeping the creativity flowing at this agency.


At 16 years old Foolproof have now ticked quite a few of the big boxes that many agencies hope to one day. They’ve made acquisitions, been acquired and expanded internationally.