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Curious to know who’s working with who? We’ve got the most comprehensive overview of current brand rosters.


The Brooklyn Brothers and sister PR agency Golin have wiped the floor with their competitors during a messy seven way pitch for baby wipe brand Water Wipes. We’re sure they’ll go gaga and find a Kinder-ed spirit in the two agencies.

The Drum


Eat Natural is munching its way towards experiential glory with a new campaign encouraging peckish purchasers to design their own cereal bars. Experience Agency Hot Pickle (ironically a terrible cereal bar flavour) have been chosen to serve up the protein packed propaganda.



Wheely wheely good win for VCCPKin this week, as car giant Kia revs up for social triumph by handing over the social media wheel to the agency. Kia will be hoping to step up a gear with their social presence and leave its rivals firmly in their rear view mirror.



Some agencies must feel like they’ve had the rug pulled from under their feet, how pillow can they go? VCCP and iProspect have been appointed by Harvey’s furniture to be their creative and digital agencies. They’ve not come out with anything sofa, but when they do, someone grab the competition a seat!



Accenture must have stolen Aladdin’s lamp as the genie has granted them another wish. They’ve been appointed by Disney to establish StudioLAB. Next up: Accenture defeat Scar and rule the Serengeti!



Going, going, GONE! Craft have won the bid to join Ebay’s EMEA roster. Craft’s role will be to support the auction platform’s strategy and creative work and bring increased efficiency to localised campaigns across Europe.



It’s a perennial dilemma: what to do with that pesky second home? The solution, of course, is to swap it for someone else’s (temporarily). ThirdHome, a service that allows users to exchange surplus bricks & mortar have appointed Grifco as their PR agency – they’ll be handling the brand’s press and publicity.


PR Week


RadioCentre aren’t remaining static – they’ve just appointed The & Partnership. The two are clearly on the same wavelength as the business was won without a pitch and a campaign to encourage people to see radio differently will soon be broadcast. No white noise, these guys are on full blast.



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Best UK creative websites

When it comes to new business, your website is your shop window. We hope these websites from a variety of creative, comms and digital agencies will give you some fresh ideas on how to present your proposition and work in the most appealing way.



Video case studies and creds are the quickest way for new business prospects to get a sense of your agency’s personality and capabilities.


Agency Events

Events can be a great business development tool. Not only to position your agency as a thought leader, but also as an excuse to get back in touch with old contacts or to keep front of mind with new business prospects.



Award wins and even nominations can be fantastic new business tools. Crafting a winning entry however can sometimes seem as challenging as delivering the client work in the first place.


Email Newsletter Guide

Email marketing often gets a bad reputation due to the sheer amount of spam out there, but it’s actually one of the most cost effective channels for keeping front of mind with prospects and sharing thought leadership.



The agency spectrum can often look in danger of becoming a vast expanse of homogeneity, as this particular Twitter post illustrates pretty well.


Which CRM are best

We often help agencies set up a CRM systems to manage their lead generation and new business pipeline.


Agency Creds

At The Future Factory we are exposed to a huge amount of new business collateral. We have put this experience to use and created a simple 4-step guide to ensure that your agency’s credentials are as effective as they can be at attracting and converting new clients.



We invited Ken Kelling and Chris Wood to talk us through how to waste less time pitching and win more business.



The key to success on LinkedIn is to be clear about why you’re communicating and what you want your audience to do with what you have said.


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