Events can be a great business development tool. Not only to position your agency as a thought leader, but also as an excuse to get back in touch with old contacts or to keep front of mind with new business prospects.

Agency EventsTo ensure you maximize your efforts we’ve put together a little check list of things to incorporate into your marketing plan if you want to get the most out of your agency event.

Many of these points also apply if you have a speaking opportunity at someone else’s event or conference.

  • Ensure you have stacks of business cards!
  • Make a list of the top 5 key people you’d love to chat with on the day. Look at their faces on LinkedIn. Get ready to spot them!
  • Invite journalists to cover the event.
  • Consider filming the event to create content which can be shared later with both attendees and those who aren’t able to attend.
  • Perhaps be on the door signing people off the guest list – again so that you can identify your key prospects to engage later in the day.
  • If you’re opening the event with an introduction, be sure to shoe-horn in a brief overview of your agency’s raison d’être and what you do. This intro could lead nicely into the thinking behind the event: “We’re always experimenting with digital and thinking about what’s around the corner, which led to us hosting this event so that likeminded people could share ideas”.
  • Use some of your wider agency team to circulate in between speakers and introduce themselves to attendees, offer drinks etc.
  • Have all attendees from your team wearing a branded lanyard, so that attendees know who they can speak to for more information about the event and the agency.
  • You might like to have all attendees ‘sign out’ when leaving, writing what stood out to them the most and which part of the experience or speeches were most relevant to their brand.
  • Make sure your event has a clear title or hashtag and your agency’s social media handles are shared so that attendees who wish to can tag you in their social media comments. This can help to spread the word of your event and drive conversations beyond those attending.
  • Depending on budget, offer attendees something they can leave the event with, aside from – for example literature, or a branded USB stick that contains the presentations.
Post Event
  • Connect with all attendees on LinkedIn.
  • Invite attendees to talk more with your team about the subjects discussed.
  • Share any content, collateral and key findings.