January 25, 2012


Business development is a strange old beast, We should know, over the years our senior team have managed the process and worked closely with around 50+ creative agencies. It never gets boring, and why should it, every agency / business is in a different position and each have their own personalities within.

Whether you’re planning on exploring different new business agencies or developing a team in-house, we’ve identified some of the most important factors, which you can influence, and which will ensure a business development drive delivers ROI.

1. Positive attitude and ambition

New business isn’t all a numbers game, but a volume of calls will ensure faster results. This job takes some energy, and even the most enthusiastic person can start to feel deflated by the whole task if the people they’re delivering results for aren’t behind them 100% with lots of interest, passion and excitement.

We’ve found that agencies with the right resource and ethos approach any prospect meeting as an opportunity. Using information provided to prepare thoughts, ideas and generally impress.

2. Focus

The clearer you are about what your agency does, what brands you want to work with, and what you’d like to do for those brands, the faster you’ll penetrate your dream companies and get appropriate work. If you don’t know what you want, don’t expect someone new to your business to hit the nail on the head straight away.

Proposition is one thing but internal politics is often over looked. Each senior member of your team need to be focused on one goal.

3. Time

You should be inputting on which brands are being targeted and why, on an ongoing basis. Keep your eyes on the look out for brands who could do with your magic touch! What would you do for them if you had a blank brief? What do you think of their recent work? Let them know! If you get the opportunity to meet with a relevant decision maker, whether there’s a live opportunity or not, find the time to start building a relationship with them and convincing them why they should be working with you on their next project.

4. Profile

You’re a marketing agency – get the basics right for yourself!

Your web presence and credentials should be up to date, clear, simple and concise. At the same time, make sure you make yourself memorable and take the opportunity of a decision maker looking at your collateral to impress!

Consider how to position yourself as a thought leader within the industry you want to grow your client base, through PR and your own social media.

5. Partnership

If working with a new business agency, treat the relationship like a partnership, in which you both take equal level of interest, you both input equally, and ensure you are both on the same page in terms of direction, focus and desired outcomes.

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